Italy once removed A collection of poems


In 1999


In 1999 I was ten.

In 1999 I was in Florence.

In 1999 I was in my best dress.

In 1999 I smelled potpourri.

In 1999 I watched my grandparents dancing.


There was no music.


In 1999 my grandma was in her fur coat.

In 1999 my grandpa wore his shiny shoes.

In 1999 my grandparents



stood closely

and held tightly.


In 1999 the night sky

bloomed bright

over Saint Marco’s Cathedral.


A Longed Memory


I have a house in South of Italy

made of stone and small windows.

When snow was a longed memory,

I sat in front of an empty fireplace

and watched my mother’s gentle eyes,

smiling at the sound of my brother’s guitar.

My heart melted as flakes tinged

to white the dry sand.




In Milan the white, flat sky

envelops the grey buildings.

Concrete is suffocating but


In Milan a daisy is like

a phoenix from the ash.

Women walking down sooty streets,

wear fur coats and

Chanel N°5.


In Milan men play ball

in the park, others sit on a bench staring

at girls that grew up too quickly.


In Milan skyscrapers rise above

Duomo Cathedral, and the air smells

of McDonald’s and baked bread.


Unfinished Puzzle


I can get nothing out of it

or maybe I get too much.

Sometimes my gaze is blank

sometimes it’s hungry.

Misty mornings are my food

but the maze is infinite,

and with a dubious path

not even myself

I can trust.




Maria who travelled from America to Rome

Maria who wrote letters

And fell in love with an Italian man

Maria who had three girls

And went to church

Maria nor short nor tall

Maria with the hair of ash

Maria with the sight of a seagull

With the eyes of a hazelnut

Maria with the nose of a wood pecker

With the skin of ivory tusks

Maria with the skin of tissue paper

Maria with veins of irises

With the mouth of love

Maria with the voice of a whisperer

With a throat of a Galapagos turtle

With the breasts of waterfalls

Maria with hands of a piano player

With fingers of flower stems

Maria with an impressionist soul

With the mood of the sea

Maria with the back of a mountain

With buttocks of cotton wool

Maria with hips of snowflakes

With legs of a flamingo

Maria with tired eyes

Maria who lived a long life


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