Damn Ketchup!

“Today is going to be a day to remember,” Thomas thought walking towards the train station. It was a hot, sticky summer day and Thomas called Tosh by his friends, had finally been called for an interview for a job at the NATO. He always wanted to work as a space engineer and this one, was a one in a lifetime opportunity. He didn’t care about the penetrating smell of garbage of the streets or the oversized suit his brother had lent him. Tosh had all he needed with him: his confidence, his projects and his passion. He jumped on the train and got out 10 stops later to take a bus.“I’m on time,” he thought while heading towards the exit. He knew he was, he even double-checked the journey before departing. He was so assorted in his thoughts that he didn’t see the big drop of ketchup that had fallen from the hotdog the person in front of him was eating. Tosh slipped painfully on the tiled floor, spreading all his papers everywhere. In a hurry he picked up the projects and rushed down the stairs, once outside he turned his head towards the bus stop and what he saw made his heart drop. There it was the 92 driving away from his dream. He ran as fast as he could but the bus was already too far away. Tosh stood on the sidewalk staring at the 92 disappearing from his sight with the look of consternation on his face. No taxi could be seen and the next bus was in an hour.

“Damn ketchup!” he shouted.


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