They call it Love

Romantic love, Selfish love, Selfless love, Crazy love, Passionate love, Weak love, Strong love, Weird love, Unrequited love, Irrational love, Dangerous love, Friendly love, Sexual love, Erotic love, Virtuous love, Playful love, Mature love, Happy love, Sad love, Disappointing love, Old-fashion love, Superficial love, Respected love, Simple love, Complicated love, Adventurous love,  Exciting love,  Special… Continue reading They call it Love

Contr’ora Smell of sea salt, Smell of heat, Smell of dry grass and Oregano.   Swallows chirp, a donkey is braying loudly. Cicadas sing while a fox shelters in the shade of an olive tree.   The sky is flat, It’s white. At contr’ora everything’s still at the eye.   Counting cars My grandfather came… Continue reading